Illustrated physics

Physics is a way of describing practically anything observable in the world. It's an invisible common language of the universe. And we set out to get people thinking about it.

Do you live in a city? What’s out your window right now? Maybe a bus, office buildings, streets, bicycles – these are the names that we give the things we’ve created. But there are others ways of understanding them.

Through their atomic structures. Through the forces that steel is designed to withstand. How the surfaces we walk on change depending on the weather. How energy transfers from foot to pedal to wheel to road.

We partnered with some of Ireland’s top illustrators to fling some physics into people’s paths during our campaign, and to see if we could get people really thinking about a city of physics.

We gave our illustrators starting points like: some foods are radioactive; or that (nearly) all of the atoms in our bodies were formed in starts.  
And they took those ideas where they wanted.

The posters were visible at busy junctions, train platforms, bus shelters, as well as on the back of the buses themselves and on trains.

Standing in dark October rain, or shuttling between office and home, we wanted people think about where we sit in the universe.