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City of Physics is all about sparking conversations about big ideas. 

In this series of podcasts, the City of Physics team sit down with some internationally regarded scientists working in far-flung fields to talk about inspirations, ideas and – since it’s physics themed – literally everything in the universe and beyond.

This is what you get when you give scientists free rein to talk about their specialist subject.

The hosts are Dr Shane Bergin and Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, and the series is produced by Sarah-Louise Ball.

Just where the hell are we?

Guest Dr Joseph Roche talks about the cosmos, life in the universe, and our tiny, unremarkable, little corner of it. 

Does anyone have a charger?

The City of Physics team gripe about battery life, and Dr Jessamyn Fairfield joins them to talk about how batteries actually work, and how you can get a little more life from your phone. 

Shane Bergin meets Prof. Eric Finch

Prof Finch has the distinction of being the last person hired to the Trinity College Dublin lecturing staff by E.T.S. Walton before he retired. In this podcast he looks back over a career in physics, from his research in radiation detection to the physics of acoustics.

Shane Bergin meets Alok Jha and Claire O’Connell

Now ITV's  Science Correspondent, for many Alok Jha was the voice of accessible science on the Guardian's Science Weekly Podcast. Also speaking to Shane, is Irish Time science journalist Dr Claire O'Connell –  Shane Bergin talks to them about what science communication means to people, and what makes it compelling. 

What’s this Physics thing about?

Shane and Aoibhinn are joined at the table by astrophysicist Dr Joseph Roche and Sean O'Boyle, research coordinator for Science Gallery to talk about what makes physics special and how does it fit in with the other sciences. 

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