The 24 hour mural

Nassau Street is a busy street – it’s one of the principle bus pick up zones, it connects Pearse train station with the shopping and office districts around Dawson St and Grafton St, and of course, one entire side overlooks one of the spiritual homes of physics in Dublin – Trinity College. 

Perfect, you would think, for mounting a two story high paste-up celebrating Dublin’s association with physics.

The mural was twelve full colour sheets of light paper applied to the wall of Trinity’s art block using a technique called wheat pasting, we expected the mural to last about three weeks or so before it started to deteriorate.

Do you remember Dublin in October?

Typical at that time of year low pressures deepen as they skirt across the Atlantic wreaking havoc on the first landmass they meet – normally it’s us. As well as rain, low pressure systems bring wind. Depending on the nature of the depression, that wind can be strong.

After two attempts on different days we finally got the mural up on the wall.

But overnight Storm Barney hit (yes, we name our storms now), and in the morning our team were collecting up the fallen 18 metre-square heap of waste paper from the ground below the place where it once hung.